Our Instructors

At Independent Training Solutions Ltd, we are very much aware that excellent training comes from qualified, experienced instructors who not only have the subject knowledge but can impart it to others using a variety of teaching & learning strategies. All of our trainers have been carefully selected and are highly experienced in their subject matter.

All of our instructors have a fundamental understanding of the diverse learning needs of individuals. Our courses encompass the various learning styles that candidates may have, in order for them to get the most they possibly can out of the training sessions. Most courses incorporate both theory and practical elements.

Teaching and learning styles include:

  • Lecture and experiential learning activities
  • Corrective practice of skills
  • Class discussions / Group work
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Practical exercises
  • Audio / visual exercises
  • Linking learning to life experiences
  • Visual aids
  • Positive encouragement

Other training methods include:

  • Trainer-led instruction and demonstration
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Flipchart / Whiteboard Work
  • DVD’s
  • Use of research materials

Our trainers also aim to establish a learning environment where learners feel comfortable in approaching them for additional advice or support and to ask questions.