The Importance of Fire Safety

Fires can be devastating and most of them are entirely preventable.

Fire safety within business doesn’t just protect your staff, it protects your investment too and under current Health and Safety legislation is a mandatory requirement. You won’t just be out of pocket if a fire strikes and work needs to be done to the building, you’ll lose time too, valuable time.

Fire safety legislation places a duty on the responsible person (usually the employer) to carry out a fire risk assessment within their business premises. The legislation also requires the implementation of appropriate fire precautionary and protection measures and a fire management plan, including a strategy to evacuate all occupants within a building.

Businesses are recognising the importance of having staff trained in Fire Safety. Fire Safety Training is a proactive approach to occupational health and safety management because trained staff can identify fire hazards and dangers before a fire occurs.

At Independent Training Solutions Ltd, we provide various types of Fire Safety Training, including:

Alternatively, we can design and customise a fire safety course to meet your individual requirements.


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