SVQ Level 2 Controlling Lifting Operations (Slinging/Signalling)

Suitable for -

Experienced operatives who are required to engage in Controlling Lifting Operations and carry out Slinging/Signalling as part of their work activities.

The aim of the course is -

Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are very popular work-related qualifications, which are usually completed within the workplace. They are designed to enable candidates to acquire the required knowledge and skills to be able to perform particular work tasks and do their job well, as set out by the National Occupational Standards.

The SVQ Level 2 Controlling Lifting Operations Qualification is specifically designed to assess candidates in safe Slinging/Signalling.

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Course Content

The main source of evidence is work-based to confirm that the candidate’s practical skills meet the appropriate performance criteria. An assessor will measure the candidate’s competence through direct observation of the candidate in the workplace, and will also work with the candidate to compile further evidence by using:

  • Work sheets and log books
  • Photographs / videos
  • Oral questioning
  • Written question papers
  • Professional Discussions

One of the benefits of a Vocational Qualification is that they test candidates’ ability to actually do the job. In order to gain the VQ all candidates must build a portfolio of evidence and be assessed under “live working conditions”.

Course Objectives -

On successful completion, candidates will achieve a nationally recognised qualification, which will enable them to provide evidence of competence and safe working in Slinging/Signalling.

Venue - On-site at clients’ premises

Duration - No Timescale

Candidate Numbers - N/A

Certification - SVQ Controlling Lifting Operations Level 2, issued by SQA

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