Signing, Lighting & Guarding

Suitable for -

Experienced operatives and supervisors who are engaged in road works

The aim of the course is -

This course is designed to provide candidates with a knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements to enable them to follow the correct procedures for setting out Signing, Lighting and Guarding of an Excavation on the Highway.

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Course Content

  • New Roads and Street Works Act 1991
  • Code of Practice – Safety at Street Works and Road Works
  • Traffic Signs Manual – Chapter 8
  • Drawing site plans
  • Notices required by Local Authorities
  • Site surveys
  • An introduction to the use of vehicle actuated portable traffic signals
  • Practical – Signing, Lighting and Guarding

Course Objectives -

On successful completion of this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Assess the legal requirements and carry out survey of the site in accordance with Health & Safety regulations to determine footways, traffic lanes and safety zones
  • Identify provision for the safe passage of pedestrians
  • Identify ways of minimising disruption and ensuring safety of vehicular traffic
  • Identify provision for vehicles and plant within the confines of the working area
  • Carry out on-site Risk Assessments and ensure that provision is made to combat any hazards identified
  • Ensure Safe Systems of Work are in place in respect of Signing, Lighting & Guarding

Venue - On-site at clients’ premises, using the applicable equipment

Duration - 1 Day

Candidate Numbers - Up to 10 per course

Certification - ITS Certification

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